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Discover What The Oshawa Real Estate Market Has To Offer

Oshawa even sounds like a cool name for a city, and it’s one of Canada’s best in Ontario. When you’re looking for a great city to find a home or invest in real estate, you should look at what cities have won awards for different things. Many publications rank cities in different areas of the country in various categories. For example, there is one ranking by a magazine that gives Oshawa the 10th spot out of 25 of the top cities for people looking to purchase real estate.

You can look at all kinds of different properties when it comes to the Oshawa real estate market, including condos. Are you looking at listings to find your dream home? Remember that this includes the Clarington and Whitby areas as well. What can you do in Oshawa you ask? Well, let’s find out some of the cool places to visit and some cool restaurants to enjoy.

One place that sounds cool to check out is the White Feather Country Store. You see, you want those places that you might regularly visit because you’re going to be a local. Another cool place to visit would be the Parkwood National Historic Site. If you’re a sports fan and like your hockey, then you should visit the General Motors Center.

You need some popular local restaurants to frequent, so let’s get you some names. Teddy’s Restaurant and Deli is the #1 restaurant according to a popular ratings site. When I go out to a restaurant, I love all kind of things like most people do. I love Italian food, Mexican food, a good hamburger place, etc. One of my top categories is home style cooking, and this is exactly what Teddy’s Restaurant and Deli serves up. They are also known for their over-sized portions, which of course is always appreciated.

Spicy Affairs Indian Cuisine is the next restaurant on the list. Indian cuisine is different and delicious, including wraps, chicken curry, naan bread and more. There is a restaurant that serves Indian food here in my city, and I haven’t been yet. There’s a few of them, but one of them is called Aladdin.

Some other cool places you should visit are the Canadian Automotive Museum, Linton’s Farm Market, McLaughlin Bay Wildlife Reserve and Regent Theater. The next restaurant you might want to visit is the Wildfire Steakhouse Oshawa. It’s important to know where to get a good steak dinner with a baked potato, right? The place here is Angelo’s, but there are other ones that are good, too.

Oshawa has a nice zoo to visit, and there’s also the Purple Woods Conservation Area. Ready for one more restaurant? Avanti Trattoria is a great Italian restaurant that serves up a great tiramisu. This is of course where you want to get the best pizza and your favorite Italian cuisine dishes. The Oshawa real estate market sounds pretty great I’m sure, and you’ve only discovered part of what’s out there available for residents to enjoy living in Oshawa.