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The Importance of Growing Crops Vertically

Growing plants vertically is a method mostly practised in areas where there is limited space. It is a term that refers to plants growing upwards instead of spreading on the ground. The technique is mainly used with vines which continue to grow upwards because of increased sunlight leading to better growth. Other benefits attributed with this method of growth include.

Prevents against disease infestation. Since there is no direct contact with garden soil, any contamination that may be present is avoided. Should there be a disease affecting the crop which happens in very rare instances, affected parts are easily identified and removed to curb spread. Because of their upwards growth, plants also have better access to rain, dew and fresh air further enhancing growth which in turn leads to better yields. Plants that grow vertically require a support system so that they don’t fall onto the ground.

Provides for more safety. Depending on where the plant is grown, it can prevent unwanted people from seeing whatever is going on in your premise and even shield against excessive sunlight from entering your room. So that unsightly items are kept at bay, it is a good idea if you plant a vertical garden around the area. The plants also serve to reduce the noise reaching your house besides creating a beautiful scenery. The containers holding the plants gather rain water hence reducing erosion.

Maximizes little space available. Considering that urban areas have no space for planting huge gardens, the little space available is used to grow plants vertically. This method saves quite a bit of space and more crops can be grown in a small ground.

Cultivation is convenient. Considering the plants are on a high level watering is made simple. Plants roots are seen easily so that no water is wasted. To gather the yield, bending is not necessary because the crop is on a raised ground. Following the simplified process in gardening, it becomes an enjoyable task.

Air is purified in the process. It doesn’t matter where the plant is growing, it is a proven fact that plants result into fresh air. This is as plants take in carbon dioxide and other pollutants and release oxygen in turn. In return, individuals living in such an environment are less likely to get sick from air related diseases.

Utilizes waste materials. Vertical gardens use plastic bottles, unwanted pots to grow crops. It common to come across waste disposed in an incorrect manner leading to environmental pollution If such practise is encouraged, less environmental pollution would be witnessed.

Vertical gardens create an attractive view. Usually not all parts of the plant are visible at the same time. Depending on the material supporting the plants , it is possible for a shade to crop up.

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